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Join the movement that is crowd sourcing disasters. Cajun Navy Ground Force’s roots go back to Hurricane Katrina. However, it's momentum arose when social media and mobile apps were used to organize citizen-led flood rescues in South Louisiana in 2016 and still going strong thanks to your support!

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Mrs Etta Helped By Cajun Navy Volunteeers

Mrs Etta is our inspiration. We found her months after the flood living alone in her unrepaired home with no hot water. Within a few months we organized a team to rebuild her home and life. Unfortunately we were too late, our team found Mrs Etta passed away in her home only 3 days after we rebuilt it. We vowed NEVER again we let this happen.

We Are Technology Professionals With Heart

Our goal is to build a social platform to that will redirect giving into the hands of those who are committed to working in their own community. We are doing this by empowering citizens, businesses and local non-profits to collaborate for social good.

Your Support Helps Us Help Them

A portion of your purchases from Cajun Navy Gear helps us help local citizens in need.

Amazing, selfless group of people who care so much about the lives of animals and other humans that they are willing to put their own in jeopardy to save them. Long live the Cajun Navy.

Wendy Gniady

Thank all Y'all for your help during harvey. Our home was mot flooded but I watched y'all running day and night to help others. Hands down the Cajun navy is better than the red cross.

Bob Waibel

It’s hard to say anything good enough about what these people did for us. I don’t know when or how we would have been rescued if it weren’t for Cajun Navy. Our part of NW Houston had never ever flooded. There was no plan in place when Hurricane Harvey hit. They took good care of my husband, myself and our three dogs. I’ll never forget how fast they got here and how nice they were.

Molly Gilmore